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SplatDogs Paintball is a 1-stop online store of paintball supplies, with tons of paintball products and accessories. We are everything paintball.

Featured Products

Invert 20/20 Thermal Goggle


The Invert™ 20/20™ mask is the perfect blend of form and function, providing you with the greatest possible protection with the smallest target footprint. The 20/20™ comes with a solid faceplate, silicon beaded strap, thermal lens and a built-in fan.

2012 Empire Grenade Rolling Bag


2012 Empire Grenade Rolling Bag


Invert Mini Bronze Special Edition


Invert Mini Bronze Special Edition

Kingman Spyder MR1

Out of Stock

Kingman™ Spyder MR1™


RPS Stinger Paintballs


BEST USE: Recreational
FILL: RPS Standard
SHELL: RPS Standard

Stinger™ brand paintballs are big on value when it comes to quality and performance. The standard bore .68 caliber Stinger™ offers consistent quality, accuracy and durability.

Shell colors vary, and Stinger™ offers several fill colors to choose from.

• Best ball for value-orientated players

Empire Jersey LTD tZ TIPSY

Out of Stock

Empire Jersey LTD tZ TIPSY

Each one of the LTD jerseys will have its own individual serial number laser etched into a TPR patch to confirm the limited availability. These Limited Edition Jerseys and color combos are by far the most technically advanced jersey in the sport of paintball.


Empire Contact Fingers tZ Paintball Gloves

Out of Stock

Empire Contact Fingers tZ

BT APEX Barrel System BT-4/A-5

Out of Stock

Whether your opponent takes cover behind a tree, bunker or rock you will now be able to send them fleeing back to their base camp. The APEX Barrel system is redefining how the game is played. With unmatched distance along with accuracy you will be able to hit more targets than ever before.


Invert HALO B Loader


The Invert HALO B uses a spring driven, true force-feed ball stack, which not only keeps the stack intact at all times, but also provides instantaneous acceleration when a ball is needed. © 2002-2010